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By Kirstin Buick
10 September 2013

Our beauty blogger Leigh van den Berg treated her tresses by trying out new shampoos and conditioners. Here she gives her favourites for the week.

It pretty much rained shampoo and conditioner this week. Of all the brands I got to try, these were the products I enjoyed using the most and won’t be repurposing as overpriced shower gels, the first being Dove’s new Damage Solutions Colour Radiance range. It includes a shampoo and conditioner, daily treatment conditioner, mask and leave-in conditioner & care spray and prices range from R42,99 to R69,99.

As the shampoo has a low sulphate formula, it doesn’t foam up as much which makes it less likely to strip out the colour from your hair. When I first used it, the lack of “foamage” made me worry my hair wouldn’t be clean enough after washing but – surprise – it was and even felt bouncy to boot. As for the conditioner, it’s lovely and light and makes use of something Dove calls “Vibrant Colour Lock” to help keep your hair colour in the strand for longer.

I also enjoyed using the spray-conditioner. It’s perfect to blitz any frizzy sections after blow drying in that it smoothes and detangles, doesn’t weigh hair down in the least and serves up a dose of UV protection to prevent your colour from fading in the sun.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that everything has a sweet floral scent and doesn’t smell in the least bit like Dove soap. Am I the only girl in the world who absolutely despises that particular scent?

Another haircare gem if you’re getting jiggy with colour, particularly red, is Pureology’s 100-percent vegan and sulphate-free Reviving Red collection.

If you’re a rooikop who owes their colour to a box, you’ll know just how quickly red tends to fade. This is because the red colour molecule is bigger than most so it doesn’t penetrate your hair shaft very well and tends to slide out within a matter of weeks.

Happily, Pureology’s Reviving Red goodies use a special anti-fade complex to help seal in your hair’s colour. The line-up includes a nourishing oil-infused shampoo (R265), conditioner (R275) and a spray-on oil (R450) that locks in colour even further. You can also snap up two different Reflect Enhancers (R650 for set); colour-depositing conditioning treatments in Red and Copper to help enhance your hair colour.

While I’m not exactly a redhead, I’ve been using and loving the conditioner as it doesn’t deposit colour, contains nourishing plant oils and encapsulated lycopene to stop my colour from oxidising, a big problem for bottle blondes like moi.

Last but not least? Everline g Ai Semi Di Girasole Lighting shampoo and mask (R120,25 and R157,25 respectively). This is an Italian salon brand that I’d never heard of before but was recently introduced to at a haircare launch.

A quick google translate session revealed that “Ai Semi Di Girasole” means “to sunflower seeds” which makes sense as each product uses sunflower oil to infuse moisture into your hair as well as fortifying plant protein.

After using the delish-smelling vanilla-scented shampoo and mask (which actually has a conditioner-like texture despite its name), sliding my brush through my wet hair was a total dream and when dried, my hair was bouncy and light, yet sleek-looking. Very, very nice.

To find a salon stocking Everline near you, call HairCair on (021) 448 8847.

So, have you spotted anything you feel might float your boat? Tried any of the above and want to add your input into the mix? Feel free to chat to me in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Leigh van den Berg is a Cape Town-based freelance fashion and beauty writer obsessed with all things girly and glam (she’s particularly proud of the fact that she can probably name the perfume you’re wearing at 10 paces). Nothing gets her more excited than hot new beauty goodies except maybe champagne cocktails, coconut ice and that dude who plays Dean in Supernatural.

Check out her blog, Lipgloss is my Life and follow her on twitter @lipglossgirl 


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