Lose 3 kg in 3 weeks

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01 January 2015

This easy-to-follow eating plan, devised especially for YOU readers by a dietician, will help you drop those extra festive season kilos.

You know you’ve overindulged a bit over the festive season and probably up a few kilos heavier, which means you’ll start the 2015 with an even bigger battle of the bulge. “This time of the year people are concerned about their weight,” says registered dietician Sarah Gouws of Worcester, Western Cape. “The most important thing to remember is that fad diets don’t work. To lose weight you need to look at your eating habits and lifestyle and make healthy, sustainable changes.”

'The most important thing to remember is that fad diets don’t work'
Sarah helped us compile an eating plan that will help you lose up to 3 kg in three weeks and serve as a healthier eating guideline. “This is a general, balanced plan that’s good for the whole family – just tweak the portion sizes. It includes various options so you don’t get bored,” she says.

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Sarah's tips for success

Be mentally ready “If you haven’t decided you want to make changes the plan won’t be of any use. Make up your mind to lose weight and stick to the plan. It will be worth the effort.”

Involve your family “If the whole family follows the plan, it makes it easier to prepare meals.”

Plan! “This is very important. Pack your lunch the previous night so you don’t have the excuse the next morning of running out of time and end up buying something unhealthy.”

Avoid the temptation of having “just another little bite” “Don’t put a dish with food on the table – you’ll be tempted to have seconds even if you’re not hungry. Dish up in the kitchen.”

Be active “An active lifestyle has loads of health benefits, not only for helping you lose weight. Even if you only go for a walk every day, being active complements healthy eating habits.” Be creative “Limit your salt intake by flavouring food with other ingredients such as garlic, ginger, onions, curry powder and herbs.” It starts on the stove! “Cooking methods are equally important – try to avoid deep-frying and rather grill, bake or boil food.”

What you need to know:

Fruit portion sizes


Plums, kiwi fruit (1 portion = 2)

Grapes, raisins, small berries (1 portion = 10)

Litchis (1 portion = 6)

Strawberries  (1 portion = 7)


Apples, pears, oranges, nectarines (1 portion = 1 tennis ball size)

Bananas (1 portion =  1 small or ½ large)


Grapefruit (1 portion = ½)

Pawpaw, watermelon, spanspek  (1 portion = ½ cup)

Pineapple  (1 portion = 2 slices)

Dried Prunes, dates (1 portion = 3)

Apple rings (1 portion = 4)

Other Fruit salad (1 portion = ½ cup)

Treat cheats

  • If your craving for something sweet becomes unbearable, try the following, Sarah says. But then you should stick to the portion size and cut out the starch of your main meal or a snack out of your daily plan.
  • One small chocolate (50 g) OR a small piece of cake (about 6 cm thick) OR a cupcake OR one small packet of chips OR one small piece of tart or pudding OR a small packet of sweets (40 g) OR 3-4 biscuits OR 150 ml ice cream.
  • Another tip to satisfy chocolate cravings is to have a cup of hot chocolate. Follow the instructions on the container for the number of spoons but mix it with half water, half low-fat milk.


“We all tend to drink more during the holidays but try to choose a lighter option – light beer or wine,” Sarah says. “You can also try to compensate for the extra kilojoules in the alcohol – if you know you’re going to have a glass of wine, omit the starch in your lunch.”

Click here to download a printable version of Sarah's eating plan

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