Lost and found my sparkle!

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11 March 2012

How do you write a book about women and sensuality from a female perspective when your child is ill and you feel as sensual as a brick?

Ask actress Natasha Sutherland because that’s how she felt when she began working on her most recent book.

“I decided not to write about just the good things but the bad things and all the positives that come out of them too.”

The actress, author and mother of Sebastian (9) and Benjamin (7), looks good for her 40 years. She certainly doesn’t look like a woman who has lost her sparkle – something, she tells us, happened again recently.

That’s exactly what her new book, Fairytale: A Quest for Muchness, is about – women who lost their spark in times of crisis but managed to regain it.

“It’s about finding a new goal from within your crisis. And that’s what I did.”

She used her own crisis – her divorce from Steve and her new role as a single mom – as the departure point for her book. “I’ve had my crisis. As a single mother especially I’ve again come to the realisation life is no fairytale and there’s no magic wand to fix everything.”

She did all in her power to help the boys through the divorce. Her sons see a play therapist and she has written a children’s book, Green & Blue, that explains divorce and multiple households.

“Women are so many things to so many people that they often lose themselves in all the roles they play. Then one day they suddenly realise they’ve lost their sparkle.”

Her new book is an inspiring self-help affair you can open anywhere and read. And she’s included stories about “muchness goddesses”, women who have overcome their crises and inspired her.

At the end of each chapter there are practical tips from a panel of experts who are clinical psychologists and life coaches. “I share my opinions and vision but also provide pointers on how to handle certain situations.”

Does that mean she has regained her sparkle? “The thing is you can’t capture that spark. It comes and goes. It’s a sort of dance. You must work constantly to nurture it.

“It’s never too late to get your spark back.”

Read the full article in YOU, 17 February 2011.

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