Louis Tomlinson buzzing about baby

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05 August 2015

Louis Tomlinson has confirmed he's to become a father, saying he's "buzzing" at the prospect.

Last month it was reported that the One Direction star was having a baby with Los Angeles stylist Briana Jungwirth, although they aren't in a relationship.

Yesterday Louis' bandmate Liam Payne spoke out about the speculation, and now the singer himself has discussed the news.

'He’s really happy and excited about it'

"Obviously it's a very exciting time, so I'm buzzing, thank you," he said on Good Morning America, after he was offered congratulations on his impending parenthood.

It seems the news has also gone down well with the boy band's fans, as their screams reached fever pitch when Louis confirmed the news.

Exactly when the baby is set to make an appearance isn't known at the moment.

Liam chatted about Briana's pregnancy while being interviewed yesterday, admitting he'd initially been surprised by the news but was also happy for his pal.

"He’s great. Obviously it was a bit of a shock to start off with, but he’s cool with it now, and I’m sure he’s gonna be a great dad," Liam said on Free Radio.

"I’ve actually learnt a lot off Louis about being around kids and stuff, because he’s really cool. Obviously we meet a lot of kids and stuff that come to watch the show, but he is literally the best, he’s gonna be great."

Louis has been relying on friends and family to help him get used to the news. He's apparently realised his life is going to change and has no problem with that, with Liam thrilled with how well his pal has already adapted.

"Obviously he’s got a lot of good people around him who are helping him out and stuff. Even though it’s such a great thing, it’s a difficult thing to go through," Liam said yesterday.

"I’m sure he’s gonna do great. He’s really happy and excited about it, he’s embracing it, which is the best way to be.

"Maybe he might get one of those columns in the paper called ‘Fatherhood’, where he can just write things down about his day! It would be cool!"

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