Louis Tomlinson's Twitter account has been hacked

By admin
22 November 2013

Louis Tomlinson has apologised to One Direction fans after his Twitter account was hacked.

Louis Tomlinson has apologised to fans after discovering his Twitter account had been hacked.

A tweet was sent out from the One Direction star's account on Wednesday to more than 14 million followers which read, "F*** you B***hes."

But it wasn't long before the 21-year-old realised he'd been a victim of online hacking and deleted the post.

He then wrote, "Got woke up to find out I got hacked ! Working on re-following people now sorryyyyy :( Big loveeee!! [sic]"

The hunk isn't the first of the One Direction lads to fall foul of hackers.

Back in July band mate Niall Horan (20) was alerted to a breach in his account by his loyal fans who trended the hashtag #NIALLCHANGEYOURPASSWORD in a bid to get his attention.

And the band's hacking problems haven't only been on Twitter ? after their new album, Midnight Memories, was recently leaked on the internet before its official release.

Liam Payne said, "It's annoying because there's this big build-up and it affects sales.

"We really want a number one, so we're just kind of hoping for the best now. Hopefully people go out and buy it."

He added, "It's just frustrating when you work so hard on an album and you kind of want everyone to hear it at the same time."

-Bang Showbiz

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