Louis under pressure to be a 'present' dad

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01 August 2015

Briana Jungwirth's ex hopes Louis Tomlinson will be a present father.

It was announced earlier this month that Louis and Briana are expecting a child, which came as a shock to One Direction fans around the globe.

It's not thought Louis, who's busy on the bands' latest tour, and Briana are dating, but they remain close friends. But Louis' busy schedule has Briana's ex, Maxx Feldman, questioning how he'll cope with future responsibilities.

'The child is as much his as it is hers'

“The child is as much his as it is hers, so I’d hope that he would be there,” Maxx told British magazine Heat. “I’m sure the child will be looked after financially, but I do wonder how much he is going to be able to contribute, and is he going to be a prominent figure in the baby’s life?”

Maxx and Briana were high school sweethearts during their time at LA's Agoura High School. They both come from broken homes, with Maxx revealing this has shaped Briana's attitude to raising children.

"Like any child who goes through a divorce, it’s a tough situation. Both of us had parents who divorced when we were young, so we were able to talk to each other because we both understood what it was like to go through that. [So] based on what she went through as a kid, I’m sure she knows how she wants to raise the baby," he said.

Since news of the pregnancy broke two weeks ago, Briana has been subjected to accusations that having a baby with a millionaire boyband member wasn't a coincidence.

However Maxx says she's not that sort of girl.

“She had aspirations for what she wanted to do. She talked a lot about wanting to go into photography and was always interested in taking pictures of nature, people – anything. She was creative and into artistic stuff. But I’d never have imagined she’d end up having a baby with a pop star," he admitted.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she turns out to be a great mother. I mean, she never talked about wanting to have kids at a certain age or plans to do so, but Louis could do a lot worse than give it a go with Briana. She's a great girl."

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