Love at second sight

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18 February 2011

They’re considered the Brangelina of the soapie world: gorgeous, talented and adored by fans.

And like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie they’re incredibly busy, she as heroine Chloe Lane in Days of Our Lives, he as The Bold and the Beautiful’s legal eagle Owen Knight.

Getting them together isn’t easy – Nadia Bjorlin(30) and Brandon Beemer (31) have granted a joint interview only once before: to the Italian edition of Vanity Fair magazine no less.

So it’s a real coup when the lovebirds agree to open up to YOU shortly before Brandon and some of his castmates in The Bold and the Beautiful were to arrive in SA for a whirlwind three-city tour.

One of the things Nadia revealed was that they didn’t meet on the set of Days of Our Lives, as many fans believe.

‘‘We met in 2002 at my birthday party,’’ she recalls. She thought he was ‘‘sweet’’ but they didn’t connect again until meeting at a mutual friend’s party.

‘‘We’ve been attached at the hip ever since.’’ So it was actually love at second sight.

Is it discomforting to watch each other’s love scenes?

‘‘Those scenes are not as romantic as they look,’’ Nadia says. ‘‘It’s actually very technical because you have to be aware of where all the cameras are. I support my other half and want him to look really good when he’s kissing someone else.’’

Brandon adds, ‘‘I want my scenes to look good but it’s not fun to watch her.’’

How do they keep their relationship running so well?

‘‘The best relationship advice I ever got was from a lady of 85,’’ Nadia says. ‘‘She said the secret was to be each other’s best friend. You have to like each other. It’s easy to love but it’s not as easy to like.’’

* Read the full interview in the 24 February 2011 issue of YO

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