Loved ones pay tribute to Bobbi Kristina Brown on the anniversary of her death

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27 July 2016

Bobbi Kristina Brown's loved ones have paid tribute to the tragic young star on the anniversary of her death.

Tuesday marked a full year since she passed away at the age of 22 in a hospice six months after she was found facedown and unresponsive in a bathtub at her home in Roswell, Georgia. And to mark the sad occasion of her demise, Bobbi Kristina's longtime friend Debbie Reis Brooks honoured her former next door neighbour in a touching tribute. "I will always remember Krissy," she told People magazine. "She gave me so much. But today and on her birthday, her memories really come to the forefront of my mind. Today is a day I am remembering a beautiful, charming, sweet girl. I close my eyes, and I remember her joyfulness.

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"I have been looking through pictures of her today and especially all the ones from my wedding. They make me smile. I am not going to remember the dark days she had; I am only going to remember the good, the joy, the happiness and the way she just giggled and laughed. It's a sad day, but today I am thinking about her more than ever... I am so lucky and happy that I had her in my life."

Bobbi Kristina's father Bobby Brown also paid his respects by posting a photo on Instagram that features of one of his younger children admiring a painting of himself and his deceased daughter from his marriage to Whitney Houston.

Bobbi Kristina died of a combination of drugs and drowning. An investigation into her death continues.

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Brown's court-appointed conservator has filed a civil lawsuit against her boyfriend Nick Gordon, accusing him of her wrongful death, and Bobby Brown added his name to the case in May, 2016.

But Gordon has insisted he had no part in her death, with his lawyers previously telling People, "The recent lawsuit against Nick is slanderous and meritless. Nick has been heartbroken and destroyed over the loss of his love and it's shameful that such baseless allegations have been presented publicly."

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