'Loving wife' and 'longterm girlfriend' place obituaries for the same man in the same newspaper

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10 August 2016


People saw double when they recently turned to the obituaries section of a newspaper. Two nearly identical tributes, to the same man... When Leroy “Blast” Bill Black (55) of New Jersey recently passed away, the tributes in the Press of Atlantic City got people talking. Not only did his wife post a tribute but his “longterm girlfriend” also left a touching message for her boyfriend. On the same page, alongside the same photo:

In her tribute Leroy’s wife, Bearetta, mentions his parents and his son, Jazz Black. She also mentions that he was the father of Malcolm and Josiah Harrison Fitzpatrick.

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Directly below this tribute, with an identical photo of Leroy, Princess Hall describes him as herself as his “long term girlfriend”

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She mentions that Leroy died at home, but it’s not clear whether she means her home or the one he shared with his wife.

Princess avoids any mention of Leroy’s legal wife but does mention that he was the father of Jazz Black. She wrote that he died of lung cancer as a result of long term exposure to fibreglass.

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According to reports the two tributes were placed separately according to Princess and Bearetta’s wishes.

"The wife wanted it one way, and the girlfriend wanted it another way," explains an employee at Greenidge Funeral Homes.

The one thing both of them agreed upon was the fact that Leroy “Blast” Black would definitely be buried on 6 August. Separate funerals have not been requested.

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