Lucky ‘Beliebers’ got to meet their idol

By admin
10 May 2013

A group of lucky “Beliebers” met Justin Bieber in Cape Town on Wednesday when they were invited backstage before his concert.

Taylor Berry (14), Bella Inglese (13), Kyler Rumbelow (11) and Simonne Calitz (13) were in total shock when they met “the man of their dreams”.

“We didn’t get the chance to really speak to him though,” says Simonne’s mom, Faith Bruwer-Calitz. “There were bodyguards all over and there was a long queue. They take you in single file, they take a picture of you with Justin and then you’re moved on.”

“But we did say a quick hi, and he asked the girls how they were. He was very friendly, and he seemed quite down-to-earth.”

There were about 50 lucky fans backstage who got to meet the singer, and most of them were “totally beside themselves”, says Faith.  “Some girls were sobbing hysterically, but Taylor, Bella, Kyler and Simonne were just overwhelmed.

“I think it only sank in yesterday that they’d really met him.”

-Kirstin Buick

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