Luis Suarez bite: Check out the best memes on the internet

By Lara Atson
27 June 2014

Luis Suarez's big mouth and sharp teeth have spurred on a variety of memes. Here are some of our favourite.

We still can’t believe Luis Suárez sunk his teeth into another opponent! This time it was Italy’s defender Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay’s recent World Cup clash against Italy. Here are some of the best Suárez memes doing the rounds on the internet.

This must be the hottest meme we’ve seen in a while. The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder announced they have a new cast member - Suarez! Classic!

Ian Somerhalder insta

Move over Jennifer Lawrence. It looks as if The Hunger Games franchise also has a new cast member.

hunger games

The Expresso TV show hosts Elana Afrika and Leigh-Anne Williams also got into the action.

elana afrika insta

This might be the only solution . . .


A game of Suarez anyone?

luis 2

Jaws is back baby!

luis 3

What? A new Apple logo?

luis 4

Well that explains it all . . .

luis 5


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