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22 October 2013

Don’t over-decorate your baby’s rooms – just apply a few delightful additions which will turn a plain room into a dream space.

Sticking to one bright colour is a great way to create a strong look for the nursery without breaking the bank. A monotone scheme, however, can be quite harsh and cold so soften the look with a few carefully chosen little treasures and pretty designs in delicate fabrics. Then, for a relaxed approach, casually place them around the room in baskets or on shelves.

Get the look

COLOURS: Choose one colour and stick to it. Bolder colours are better than pastels for a mono-colour theme, complimented by pattern, detail and accents of contrasting colours. Keep to the same strong tone and depth as your main colour such as a crimson with a sunshine yellow, or a cobalt blue with a leaf green.

WALL TREATMENT: From an early age, babies respond to high contrasting shapes. Place a sticker or stencil where the baby can see it. Here the placement of the charming swing design to the side of the cot is very effective.

FABRIC: Fresh white and affordable cot linen is mixed with one-off vintage prints and embroidery. This look is flexible and can be tweaked either way for a boy or a girl. Use vintage cowboy motifs for a boy or more floral prints for a girl.

FURNITURE: Any traditional, simple style cot can be jazzed-up by painting it in a bold colour.

ACCESSORIES: The success of this style comes down to the attention to detail on the individual pieces scattered casually around the room. The detailed embroidery on the cushions; the hand-sewn message on the box; the scattering of hearts; and, the personalized jar all say you care.

STORAGE:  Small suitcases are great for storage and will be useful right throughout childhood. So too is a large basket on the floor for toys and linen.

Precious and beautifully detailed objects like an embroidered cushion or a hand-sewn message are the special touches you can add to show how much your baby is treasured.

Sam Scarborough

About Sam

As a parent, Sam's motivation for writing and producing kid’s decor books and creative products is to inspire other moms to be more creative with their family and home environments. Sam believes a child’s environment is the first step to creative experience and expression.

Sam runs her own kids decor company specializing in product design of creative play spaces and play ideas for children. She is also a decor consultant, focusing on children's rooms. Sam also presents creative decor workshops, giving parents inspiring decor ideas for their children's bedrooms and personal spaces. She has done workshops with Wellness Warehouse, Home & Tuis magazine and Plascon in Gauteng.

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