Lupita's hair doesn't look like this anymore

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03 September 2015

Lupita Nyong’o has debuted extremely long braids, putting an end to years of short hair.

The 32-year-old Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens actress has worn a number of cute short dos over the years, including a buzz cut and a small afro.

Lupita first called attention to her new braided look last week after sharing a photo of herself on Instagram with the locks pulled back into a side ponytail.

'I didn't always wear my hair short'

And although some people assumed it was a temporary style done for professional reasons, it seems the head full of hair is actually here to stay, at least for the time being. Us Weekly acquired an image of Lupita in which she is seen walking the streets of New York City on Wednesday September 2 sporting cornrows and thick, long braids which hang below her armpits. Lupita has previously spoken about why she decided to keep her hair short for so many years.


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The 12 Years a Slave star felt a unique sense of freedom when she first shaved her head at the age of 19.

"Once I did it, it was very liberating but I also felt very naked. When you feel the wind on your scalp, it’s like, Oh, my God," she told Redbook.

Before shaving off the hair, Lupita would chemically relax her natural follicles often.

But at the close of her teenage years, she became sick of having to visit the hairdresser so frequently to achieve the chemical texture.

"I didn't always wear my hair short," she told Essence magazine. "In my adolescence, I always had long hair and it was relaxed. As of the age of 19, I just got really fed up with always going to the salon and it taking so much effort to look presentable before you leave the house. So, I just one day decided to cut it off, and I cut it all off! I was a skinhead and my mother was unamused.”

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