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12 November 2013

Be creative by putting some beautiful fabric art together for your little one’s room.

Pregnancy is a perfect time to indulge in some easy projects to welcome the new baby. Hand sewing especially is a lovely activity when you need to have a quiet moment to put up your feet. And now’s the time to do it because once the baby appears you won’t have a second to yourself!

Here are a few simple and easy ideas to start you off.

Craft shops often sell bags of patchwork squares, which are ideal for some of these projects, or alternatively charity shops are great sources for vintage fabrics – where you’re likely to find an old floral dress or shirt that can be cut up, or some old embroidered linen.

Use hand-stitched labelling to organise your baby’s cupboard. Using string or any cord is a great cheat’s way to create lettering. After pencilling the letters onto the fabric just follow the lines with the string and sew on with a contrasting thread.

Mix and match . . .

Use scraps of fabric to make your own quilt. Cut out hearts from patterned and plain fabric and stitch them together to create unique blankets and linen. You can use either pinking shears or leave edges unseamed, depending on the fabric. Putting sticky tape on the back of the fabric before cutting will allow for a neater, less-frayed edge. Don’t pull the tape off though as this will create an even bigger problem – just sew through it.

Easy sewing . . .

A lovely idea for personalising your baby’s room is to use a selection of pretty fabric scraps, sewn on in simple running stich. Type your baby’s name in a suitable font on the computer – enlarge on screen, print out and then cut out. Enlarge again on a photocopier if you want the letters even bigger. Use as a template to cut out the fabric letters. Hand stitch around each letter, mixing and matching fabrics and thread. Add a heart and button, or any other objects for surface detail. Ribbons and bows work beautifully too.

Either draw freehand or make printouts of a typeface you like and use this as a template for the fabric letters. Combine different pinks in plain, gingham, and all-over floral to create a mix-and-match bed-linen set. No need to spend hours embroidering: easy and simple running stitch can be done in no time.

Machine embroidery

If your machine sewing is good, appliqué animal shapes onto the fabric and make the machine embroidery part of the design.

Tip: Embroidery and any other detail should be done before stitching appliqué onto fabric.

Add a personalised touch to duvet covers, pillow slips and cot bumpers (these words have been machine-embroidered).

- Sam Scarborough

Sam runs her own kids’ décor company specialising in product design of play spaces and play ideas for children. She’s also a décor consultant, focusing on kids’ rooms, and presents workshops, giving parents inspiring décor ideas for their offspring’s bedrooms and personal spaces.

As a parent, Sam’s motivation for writing and producing children’s décor books and imaginative products is to inspire other moms to be more innovative with their family and home environments. She believes a child’s environment is the first step to creative experience and expression.

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