Madiba's legacy: all the details of the reading of the will

By admin
04 February 2014

Madiba's will has been made public in accordance with his wishes.

Part of former president Nelson Mandela’s estate, estimated at R46 million,  has been left to family members, his former staff, local schools,  universities and the African National Congress. No contestations to the will have been made public thus far.

Interestingly, nothing has been left to his former wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke, Eastern Cape Judge President Themba Sangoni and Advocate Judge Bizos are the executors of the Mandela estate. In his will, Mandela left Graca Machel specified assets including four houses and their contents, cars, jewellery, money and artworks from the Houghton home. However he made provision for her to waive her claim to the estate within 90 days. Machel and Mandela were married in community of property on 18 July 1998, which means she's entitled to half of his estate. Mandela also instructed his grandchildren Ndaba Mandela, Mbuso Mandela, Andile Mandela live in the Houghton home, which will be placed in the Nelson Mandela Trust.

Machel and her two children Melangane Machel and Josina Machel are to live in the Qunu home, which will also be administered by the trust.

Part of the estate would be divided between three trusts, The Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Family Trust, The Mandela Trust and The Nelson Mandela Trust, to provide for his children and grandchildren.

Oddly, some of the monies left to the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are listed in US dollars ($1 = 11.1688 South African rand).

Here's a list of some of his bequeaths:

• Grandson Mandla Mandela - US$300 000

• Grandson Ndaba Mandela - US$300 000

• Grandson Mbuso Mandela - US$300 000

• Grandson Andile Mandela - US$300 000

• Grandson Zondwa Mandela – R100 000

• Granddaughter Zoleka Mandela – R100 000

• Stepchild Josina Machel - R3 000 000

• Stepchild Malengane Machel – R3 000 000

• Stepchild Joselina Machel - R100 000

• Stepchild Samora Junior Machel - R100 000

• Stepchild Manthyane Machel – R100 000

• Stepchild Atwane Machel –R100 000

• Stepchild Turila Machel – R100 000

• Stepchild Olivia Macehl – R100 000

• Cook Xoliswa Ndoyiya - R50 000

• Personal Assistant Zelda Le Grange – R50 000

• Clarkebury High School in Ngcobo, Eastern Cape for bursaries and scholarships – R100 000

• Healdtown Comprehensive High School on Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape for bursaries and scholarships – R100 000

• Fort hare University in Alice, Eastern Cape for bursaries and scholarships - R100 000

• Wits University in Johannesburg for bursaries and scholarships – R100 000

• Qunu Secondary School in Qunu, Eastern Cape for bursaries and scholarships – R100 000

• Orlando West High School for their role in the liberation struggle - R100 000

• The Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Family Trust  - R1 5 00 000

• ANC  to receive 10% – 30 % in royalties

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