Make a homework area in the holidays

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13 December 2013

School’s out and many of us will be on holiday soon too. Why not invest a little time over the next few weeks in putting together a homework area for your kids for next year. Our blogger found these smart ideas on Pinterest this week.

Homework combo

All the tips I’ve read over the years about helping your child to succeed at school include the advice to create a dedicated homework area where all the tools needed are close at hand. Here are nine clever and cute ideas I found on Pinterest to inspire you, no matter what your décor taste.

The white answer

Picture pinned from Aliesha Haworth Heiberg Picture pinned from Aliesha Haworth Heiberg

I love the fresh white furniture against the lively wall colour in this study area. There’s plenty of space for books, picture frames and knickknacks on the shelves and the plastic containers and wire rack hanging from rails on the wall keep stationery and other bits and pieces close by. Look around the kitchenware aisles at the supermarket or hardware store for similar items.

Clever clipboards

Picture pinned from Picture pinned from

Suspend six clipboards from hooks on the wall – they can be used for worksheets, rosters, reminders or flyers, and if you choose ones with attractive designs they double as artworks when they’re empty.

Good work

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Kids start getting homework early in their school career and this is a great starter space for getting stuck in. Take inspiration from this design by Finnish architect Takkunen and make a work cubby from marine ply with a matching book cube or two. And to complete the look, apply chalkboard paint to the wall – either just to the area inside the cubby or to the whole wall.

For bright kids

Picture pinned from Picture pinned from

There’s no reason why you can’t have loud colours in a quiet study corner. This custom-made workstation has ample storage for everything you might need to keep handy including colour-coordinated boxes and holders for all the loose bits and pieces such as stationery, materials for projects, chargers, cables and everything else.


Picture pinned from Picture pinned from

A sophisticated teen might like the stylish colours of this desk made from two bookcases with a table top suspended across the top. Or choose brighter colours for a younger kid. A good place to find a suitable work surface is among the kitchen countertops in your hardware centre.

Two times tables

Picture pinned from Picture pinned from

This is a great idea if you have two kids sharing a study area – or even if you’d like your own spot at the table when you’re helping with homework. Apart from the extra-long desk mounted on filing cabinets, there’s ample lighting under the overhead shelf and twin pinboards for pictures and papers. Find the DIY instructions for the double desk here.

Picture pinned from paulaprass via Picture pinned from paulaprass via

Here’s another double desk for inspiration. The work surface rests on bookcases and I like the tidy effect created by the black boxes on the overhead floating shelves.

Space saver

Picture pinned from Picture pinned from

If space is at a premium, a foldaway desk might be the solution to your homework problem. The work top in this one folds into the shelving area – and there’s a picture on the underside that becomes framed by the leg. The top shelf has a mini-corkboard for pinning up mini-notices.

Nice nook

Picture pinned from Picture pinned from

What a neat way to use a space between a cupboard and wall. A wide floating shelf provides the work surface and narrower ones are good for storage. Make sure you leave enough space between the work surface and the lowest shelf if you’re planning to have a computer on the desk. And provide proper lighting to prevent eye strain.

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