Make time for your Friends, Jennifer tells Courtney

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16 January 2015

Jennifer Aniston apparently thinks Courteney Cox needs to find better balance in her life.

The two women have been firm pals since starring on hit TV show Friends, which ran for a decade from 1994.

'They haven't been seen in public together for ages'

While they remain close, Jennifer is thought to be worried Courteney isn't spending enough time with her close buddies, preferring to see her fiancé Johnny McDaid instead.

Things apparently came to a head just before Christmas because of a planned girls’ night out in LA.

"Courteney refused to come on her own and wanted to bring Johnny but it wasn't that sort of night," a source told British magazine Now. "Jen, of course, is thrilled Courteney's found love but thinks she needs more balance in her life and shouldn't ever drop her inner circle of best female friends for a man.

"They haven't hung out since then - in fact, they haven't been seen in public together for ages. Instead, Jen's been spending more time with Chelsea Handler and other couples like Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen."

Rumours started swirling that the actresses may be on bad terms when Courteney was noticeably absent from Jennifer's pre-Golden Globes party last week, where she celebrated her new movie Cake.

Jennifer is also loved up at the moment with fiancé Justin Theroux, but apparently would love to hear from Courteney a bit more.

"Courteney never seems to make quality one-to-one time for her friends like she used to. Back when Courteney first spilt with David Arquette, she was constantly on the phone, inviting everyone over for lunch and out to dinner, but no one heard from her now," the insider said.

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