Man becomes a model at 60 after changing just one thing about his appearance

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18 June 2016

This silver-haired Frenchman is here to remind you that age is nothing but a number.

His name is Phillipe. Phillipe Dumas. And when it comes to talk of retiring the 60-year-old man from Paris, France doesn’t want to hear anything about it. In a few short months, Phillipe has become the face of several respected brands and taken social media by storm. But how on earth did he manage to go from retired unit manager at a film company to world-famous model?

Late last year, a friend of the silver-haired style enthusiast took to Reddit to ask users if they thought Phillipe had a shot at his life-long dream -- becoming a model. In a fortunate turn of events, the photos of Phillipe in his snappy tailored suits caught the eye of a few model scouts. As a result, he was asked to sign with no less than six modelling and talent agencies.

It may have been the viral post that gave him internet fame, but Phillipe attributes his success to something much simpler. His beard. “For the fun of it I decided to grow my beard thinking it would be a mess, but people said they liked it.” Apparently, so did the modelling agencies. "Fortunately new faces on the modelling market are very welcome and my beard was a plus since it [having a beard] is very trendy in Europe at the moment."

Since then, he's been the face of perfume, jewelry, furniture and alcohol campaigns.

To what does he attribute his long-lasting good looks? Phillipe told Today that its mostly about staying "involved mentally with the world around him" and keeping active. "I started ballet dancing five years ago. It is not very common to start at 55." "Keep a young mind. Keep up with modernity, like the internet, computers, new music. Be interested in what is happening in the world. "Cherish your memories," he said. "But look at the future. Then you will be happy and won't feel put aside."

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Although he loves what he’s doing at the moment he dreams of going big: something like an international campaign with Chanel or Dior. He already has a campaign with well-known fragrance brand Joop! Homme under his belt.

Watch this space… and be on the lookout for that silvery beard.


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