Man blames apple juice for drink driving

By admin
12 July 2014

A man has been jailed for six months for a number of drink driving charges including one on which he blamed on having drank three litre of apple juice.

A man has been jailed after claiming apple juice had put him over the drink-driving limit.

Mariuszk Kowolik was charged with drink-driving after smashing his Mercedes into a parked car but attempted to convince police officers he hadn't had any alcohol but had drank over three litres of fruit juice.

A Police spokesman from Sussex, South East England told the Daily Star newspaper: "When he was arrested Kowolik denied having been drinking but said he had drunk more than three litres of apple juice that day and said that must have put him over the limit."

Just days after being released on bail Kowolik was caught drink-driving again, he's now been sentenced to spend six months in prison.

- Bang Showbiz

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