Man calls out women's 'body-shaming sizes' after trying on girlfriend's 'XL' clothing

By Samantha Luiz
13 May 2015

"The fact that I got into both a men's small and a women's extra-large is straight up sexism. Body-shaming sexism."

Benjamin Ashton Cooper was helping his girlfriend clean out her closet when he noticed something that "pissed him off".

He noticed that a lot of the clothes she was getting rid of were sized 'XL'.

This "didn't look right" to him because being more or less the same size with his girlfriend, he wears a size small or medium.

"I am not an extra large man, and, more importantly, a woman my size is NOT an extra large woman," the 26-year-old, from Pennsylvania, wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

In the post, he shares two photos showing him wearing his girlfriend's tops to prove the "ridiculous" discrepancy between the sizing of men and women's clothes.

"They fit me. I don't say that to be silly or ironic.

"This bullsh*t right here is why we have 8 year olds with eating disorders. This shit right here is why men shout 'f***** fat hog!' at even nominally curvy girls on the street," he wrote in the post which has garnered almost 290 000 shares.

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"My point wasn't about the sizes," he wrote, in response to people who pointed out that sizes have actually gotten bigger over the years due to the increasing obesity rates.

"It's about the disparity in sizing between men and women. The fact that I got into both a men's small and a women's extra-large is straight up sexism. Body-shaming sexism."

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Benjamin, who works as warehouse operate, later told TODAY that the words "extra" or "plus" in sizing perpetuate sexism.

"Sizes with the word extra in them are always going to leave someone feeling like they're on the wrong end of the spectrum.

"It doesn't matter if it's extra-large or extra-small. I think they're both terrible."

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In overall, most of the feedback has been positive.

"It's crazy," he said.

"I've gotten thank you messages from all over the globe. It's unbelievable. There have been a few sour apples but the overwhelming majority have been extremely positive and I can't express my appreciation enough."


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