Man charged with murder for giving mistress HIV

By Kim Abrahams
07 June 2017

The pair were reportedly involved in a five-year-long extramarital affair.

A man has been charged with murder after his girlfriend died from AIDS because he didn’t tell her he was infected with HIV.

Kimberley Klempner (51) died in February this year after unprotected sex with Ronald Murdock (51) resulted in her contracting the disease.

The pair from Toledo, Ohio, were reportedly involved in a five-year-long extramarital affair.

Klempner’s son, Josh Klempner, explained that his mother discovered by chance that her boyfriend was HIV-positive.

“My mother found out about some pills he had. She stayed the night at his house one night and she felt something was up.

She did some snooping and came across a few pill bottles. She did a little research on them and found out that way,” he said.

Kimberley Klempner. Photo: Facebook Kimberley Klempner. Photo: Facebook

Murdock’s wife discovered that her husband was having an affair and told Klempner that he was infected with HIV. Murdock claimed his wife was lying.

According to a police report, Klempner discovered she was infected back in 2015 and told Murdock, but he didn’t seem bothered by it.

Ohio law obligates infected people to disclose their HIV status to their partners. If they fail to do so, they could be charged with murder or felonious assault.

“He should have warned her. He should have told her. I don’t want him out here on the streets. The way I see it they should just bury him under the jail,” Klempner’s son said.

Murdock was granted $1, 5 million (R19, 2 million) bail and is expected to return to court on 13 June 2017.


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