Man coughs up nearly R180 000 to find 'cat murderer'

By admin
06 March 2015

A businessman of Truro in the UK has taken drastic measures to find the person who killed his daughter’s kitten.

Neil Tregarthen paid close on R180 000 (£10 000) to hire private investigators after the local police in his opinion weren’t “doing enough” to find the perpetrator.

The kitten, called Farah, was shot with an air gun outside his daughter Aylish’s house in Exeter.

Farah survived and crawled back to the house but later succumbed to her wounds in an animal hospital.

It took Neil’s team of investigators six weeks to find a suspect. Although they’ve compiled a dossier on the suspect the local police still refuse to arrest the alleged culprit.

Devon and Cornwall Police Neighbourhood Beat manager Steve Parsons reacted to the dossier, saying it was all based on circumstantial evidence and rumour and there wasn’t enough tangible evidence.

Devon and Cornwall Police Neighbourhood Beat Manager Steve Parsons, said: "We investigated this crime fully. As for the investigation report, I have examined this and it is packed with rumour and speculation, not evidence. I am confident that we have done everything possible in investigating this case.”

Meanwhile Neil has refused to leave matters as they are. He’s offered an R18 000 reward for anyone who can provide information that could lead to the arrest of Farah’s killer.

Sources: BBC; Belfast Telegraph

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