Man dies after waiter serves him detergent instead of wine

By Samantha Luiz
17 June 2015

A man has died after he was mistakenly served with dishwashing detergent instead of white wine.

Andres Lorente (50) was rushed to the hospital with horrific burns to his windpipe, throat and stomach after drinking the glass of what he thought was wine at Bar Raconet in the Spanish region of Castellón.

According to reports, the waiter fetched a wine bottle from a refrigerator that someone had apparently transferred dishwasher detergent into. "In its appearance, texture and colour, it was identical to the glass of white wine the victim had ordered," revealed a source close to the investigation.

'It was identical to the glass of white wine the victim had ordered'

"Everything at the moment is pointing towards a tragedy caused by negligence rather than ill-intent."

The waiter then poured the clear, odourless liquid into the glass and served it to Andres.

The divorced father of two took a small sip before feeling a burning sensation in his throat and stomach.

An ambulance took Lorente to a local health centre, where he entered in critical condition, but died before he could be airlifted to a specialist.

The café owner was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter but was later released. The investigation continues.


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