Man drags shark out of sea to take a photo

By Samantha Luiz
24 February 2016

A man was filmed pulling a shark out of the water in order to take a photo with it.

In the incident, which took place on a Florida beach, the unidentified man is seen dragging a small shark thrashing near the shore.

He then pins it down before bystanders capture the shot.

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The distressing video ends with another man dragging the shark back into the water but it's only washed up again.

It was reportedly pulled deeper into the sea but it is not known whether it survived.

Shared on Facebook by WPTV journalist Ashleigh Walters, the video has garnered more than 490 000 views since it was posted a few days ago.

This incident comes after a young dolphin died after being passed from person to person on an Argentinian beach so that they could take selfies. A tourist who was on the beach later claimed the dolphin was dead before the crowd got hold it.


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