Man films himself speeding at 186 km/h, then crashes

By admin
03 December 2016

A 20-year-old American broke several traffic rules simultaneously – with dire consequences.

Not only was Onasi Olio-Rojas driving at high speed but he also wasn’t wearing a seat-belt - and there's Facebook Live video to prove it.

To make matters worse, his driver’s license was suspended at the time.

In the video, the music in the car is deafening as he races at 114 mp/h (186 km/h) through the traffic on Roete 6 in Providence, Rhode Island, in America. Above the blaring music one can hear Onasi yelling and going crazy as he turned his cellphone camera to film his car’s speedometer. Tragedy then stuck when a garbage truck hit his car in the rear, careering across three traffic lanes before crashing into a concrete wall. The road was strewn with bits of the wreck, including loudspeakers and subwoofers.

According to reports the garbage truck driver wasn’t injured. Traffic was delayed for two hours while rescue teams cut open Onasi’s wrecked car to get him out.
He was admitted to hospital with severe injuries.

The police are considering charging him with reckless driving, speeding and driving with a suspended licence. Warning: Crude lanuage.

This wasn’t the first time Onasi had been involved in an accident. In February this year he suffered light injuries when he crashed into another car. He has previously been arrested for aggressive driving and sending text messages while driving.

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