Man finds two-metre snake in his new home

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30 January 2014

Marco Gavzzellie came across the Boa Constrictor whilst helping his friend move house and sought the help of a reptile expert as it appeared malnourished.

A man found a two-metre snake while moving into his new house.

The tenant was left in shock when his friend, Marco Gavzzellie, came across the abandoned two-metre Boa Constrictor at his home in the west midlands in England.

The pair were terrified by the giant reptile, which had been left behind by previous occupiers.

Mr Gavzzellie said: "I don't think anybody would want to find a live snake in their house - we were both taken aback."

Once the shock of the find had worn they were quick to seek medical help for the Boa Constrictor, who was close to starvation.

Katie Hodkins, a reptile shop owner, is in the process of nursing the snake - whom she named Barry - back to health.

She said: "When I arrived, Barry was in a tiny tank that was far too small for a 7ft snake. He was just skin and bones - he was in a terrible state. A boa constrictor should be nice and round, and about the width of a human thigh when they're healthy."

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