Man goes all out to catch the colleague stealing his wife's lunch from the fridge

By admin
03 February 2016

Let's just say it involved a chilli sauce said to be about 7 500 times hotter than the hot Tabasco sauce.

Sick and tired of people helping themselves to the contents of your lunchbox in the fridge at work? Many people have experienced the disappointment of opening their lunchbox and finding their lunch or yummy piece of cake has been stolen.

It's enough to make anyone see red -- but a Reddit user took revenge on a lunch thief to new heights.

The user, who goes by the name Toastedchillies, is a chilli fanatic who loves making really hot food and sauces. When his wife complained that someone was repeatedly stealing her lunch from the fridge at work he decided to do something about it.

He prepared a meat marinade with Blair’s 4am Reserve, which allegedly has 7 500 times the bite of hot Tabasco sauce.

“Needless to say, there was an unearthly scream from the kitchen just before lunch time. A young man had eaten my wife’s lunch, even though the lunchbox was clearly marked with her name. He rushed to the bathroom, groaning as if he was dying,” he says.

And his wife? She just went on working. Her lunch has never been touched again. Toastedchillies says he’d love to ask the thief if he enjoyed his meal.

In 2012 a study by Monster indicated that 18 percent of the participants had dipped into others’ lunchboxes and 43 percent had been victims of this sort of crime.

Here are a few tips that will make lunch thieves think twice.

Peppermint cookies: Scrape the tasty filling off a few of your favourite cookies and replace it with toothpaste. The cookies will not only taste weird but also serve to identify the culprit. He’s the one with the suddenly fresh breath. Wasabi pizza: Lift the cheese layer and spread the pizza with a thick layer of wasabi. The culprit will rush to the nearest tap. Sandwiches for dogs: Make sandwiches only a dog would eat – because they have dog food on them. If they vanish from the fridge at work announce loudly why they’re so special. Sticky fingers: Spread a thin layer of glue on your lunchbox or sandwich packet – but don’t forget about the glue when you want to eat your lunch. If this seems too drastic a layer of Vaseline could also frighten off a lunch thief.

These sandwiches look so creepy that people won’t want to look at them, let alone eat them.
That disappointment when you were looking forward to a treat. The safest solution is to lock your lunch with a combination lock.


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