Man goes 'shopping' with a person's head in his hands

15 May 2017

The blood stained man walked into the supermarket with two pieces of evidence in his hands: a knife and what was possibly a human head.

The police were called to Harvest Market Thriftway supermarket in Estacada in the US state of Oregon on Sunday when man walked into the establishment.  

He also stabbed one of the supermarket employees before other staff members managed to restrain him. At this stage there isn’t any more information about the victim’s condition after an ambulance rushed to hospital.

Just minutes after police appeared at the scene other police officials were called to a house in Elwood way, Colton roughly 16 km from the supermarket. There they found the body of a woman in the house.

At this stage it’s uncertain in which way the murder and the supermarket attack are linked. The man is in custody, and his name as well as the names of the victims will soon be made known.

Local firemen have since offered counselling to bystanders who witnessed the gruesome ordeal.

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