Man impersonates girlfriend for 2 weeks after murdering her

By admin
26 June 2014

A South Korean man pretended to be his girlfriend for two weeks after he murdered her for breaking up with him.

The man, who’s been identified only as Mr Lee, killed Sunny Kim and buried her in a suitcase under cement in the hills near her home.

After he committed the crime, the 24-year-old man began responding to texts coming through her phone, pretending to be her.

'The way that he texted me was how my sister would text'

He apparently studied their previous texting conversations so he could copy how she texted.

"The way that he texted me was how my sister would text.

"It was really shocking to see how someone can really hide what they did in that way," said Sunny’s sister, who preferred to be remain anonymous.

Before she died, Sunny had accepted a new job offer. But Lee sent a message to the employer declining the offer as "she was going back to the US to study".

He was arrested after he handed himself to the police.

He reportedly told officer, “I killed my girlfriend and buried the body. I also tried to kill myself,” after cutting his wrists.


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