Man is declared dead after one too many vodka shots - then it got seriously weird

By Luthando Rani
01 December 2016

We’ve all had one of those crazy nights out where we end up passed out on the couch after having way too much to drink.

But Mett Kamil, a 25 year-old from Poland, took it one step too far, ending up in his local morgue in the small town of Kamienna Gora southwest of the capital Wroclaw.

According to Metro, Mett suffered cardiac arrest after drinking an obscene amount of vodka shots. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors desperately tried to revive the young lad, but to no avail.

His lifeless body was taken to the morgue and placed in a refrigerator.

And this is where things become strange.

Speisa reports a guard at the hospital heard a desperate struggle coming from inside one of the morgue’s many refrigerators.

“I was sure it was a burglary,” the flabbergasted guard said. “With shaking hands, I opened one of the refrigerator doors.”

Inside, he reportedly found a buck-naked Mett very much alive, asking for a blanket. Clearly this supposedly dead man just needed a nap to recover from his heavy night of drinking.


The guard is said to have immediately called the police and the doctor, who rushed to the morgue to find the 25 year old back from the dead.

After a quick medical check-up, the doctor cleared Mett to go home.

And what was the first thing he did as he was leaving the hospital? He headed to the pub, off course!

Um, we'll take this one with a pinch of salt.

Sources: Metro; Speisa

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