Man leaves note for office lunch thief – thief pens hilariously cheeky response

By Kirstin Buick
09 November 2016

Remorse felt? Zero.

It's a tale as old time for office workers.

You leave your delicious homemade lunch in the office fridge -- only to discover your yummy meal (or a vital component thereof) has been swiped by one of your colleagues.

Recently, it happened to Wayne.

Naturally, Wayne was mad. And he decided to let the culprit know.

"To whoever ate the ham out of the fridge yesterday, please leave a note letting me know how it was. Thx, Wayne."

One Reddit user shared a picture of the note his colleague, known only as Wayne, left taped to the office fridge -- and the thief's response!

Not only did the ham-burglar (sorry, couldn't resist) feel exactly zero remorse, he actually had the nerve to write:

"Little salty, 6/10."

PHOTO: Reddit PHOTO: Reddit


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