Man leaves six-year-old granddaughter as 'deposit' at bath house

By Samantha Luiz
09 February 2015

A Chinese man left his six-year-old granddaughter as deposit at a bath house after he allegedly forgot his wallet.

A month later he still has not returned to fetch her.

The girl, Siyao and her grandfather visited the bath house in Kunming, in south western China's Yunnan province. According to Central European News, the man soon requested a thorough wash in a hot tub which was followed by a soothing massage. The problem started when it was time to settle the bill.

The unidentified man then claimed to have forgotten his wallet. He persuaded the staff to allow him to go collect the required money at home.

“He told the reception that he would leave his daughter Siyao behind as proof he intended to return,” explained bath manager Mee Wang.

One month on and the man has still not collected his granddaughter. The local media soon caught wind of the story and has tried with no luck to locate the man.

In the meantime, the girl is still at the bathhouse. The staff has taken it upon themselves to look after her as search for her family continues. They have made her a place to sleep in at night, when they tuck her in and leave the TV on in case she gets scared. She also uses the bathhouse facilities to clean herself.

The social services have reportedly been informed, but little Siyao is still at the bath house.


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