Man miraculously survives gruesome spearfishing accident

05 January 2017

The spear went straight through his head.


A photograph of a man in hospital with a metal spear through his head has gone viral.

According to reports, the unnamed man was somehow skewered by a diver in the Bahamas.

While he appears to be completely dazed, with blood pouring from the wound and his nostrils, the man survived the accident.

spearfishing PHOTO: Facebook

Another photo surfaced of the man smiling, surrounded by loved ones, all bandaged up.

Details about how the shocking accident occurred have not yet come to light.

PHOTO: Facebook PHOTO: Facebook

"Be careful out there guys, know who you dive with," the Spearfishing Reviews Facebook page captioned the viral post.

"At least he knows how a fish feels now!" one of the less sympathetic commenters wrote.

Sources: MailOnline, Mirror

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