Man owns THIRTY-SIX pit bulls – and says his two young sons are completely safe around them

By Nadim Nyker
17 January 2017

Marlon Grennan says his boys are safe around his immense pack of dogs, one of whom (the aptly named Hulk) is believed to be the biggest American pit bull in the world.

The American pit bull has a controversial reputation. In fact, there are legal restrictions on keeping them as pets in 17 countries, and they're completely banned in the UK and parts of the US.

But Marlon Grennan and his wife, Lisa, have 36 of them.

The couple also have two sons, Jordan (5) and Jackson (10 months) – which has certainly ruffled some feathers among their critics.

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But Marlon says his boys are completely safe around his immense pack of dogs, one of whom (aptly named Hulk) is believed to be the biggest American pit bull in the world.

Marlon is the owner of Dark Dynasty K9s, a company that trains pit bulls to be security dogs in New Hampshire in the US. In fact, he's made it his life's mission to prove that with proper training the dogs are perfectly safe.

In his video series he aims to show people exactly that. “With YouTube I realised I had a platform to show people the gentle nature of these dogs,” he says, according to the Daily Star.

“I get a thousand messages a day from people saying they’ve watched my videos and it’s totally changed their perception of pit bulls.

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“All people are seeing is our lives and how we’ve lived in peace and harmony.

"These dogs just need strong leadership. My kids love being around the dogs; I trust them completely.”

In South Africa the news that a three-year-old girl had been mauled last weekend by her grandfather's dog – allegedly a pit bull – elicited some vehement responses from local pit-bull owners.

"I have four pit bulls and two children; surely there must be more to this story," one YOU reader wrote on Facebook. "If your dog is bred and raised properly they should never just attack . . ."

Could a tragedy like this have been avoided?

No matter what breed of dog it is, parents should be careful when it comes to having canines around their children, says Lucy Breytenbach, an animal behaviour expert from Cape Town and founder of Just Dogs Behaviour.

Breytenbach says that “Labradors, for example, do usually have a high tolerance level for being pulled about but [safety from your dog] is never guaranteed.”

Dogs are born good, says Pam Whyte, a “dog whisperer” from Cape Town. A child is safe if a dog’s social instinct is stimulated and the child is seen as one of the pack. But if the dog’s “emergency nervous system” is activated by overexercising and not receiving enough kilojoules, the dog’s heart beats faster, its inhibitions break down and this leads to inappropriate behaviour, she warns.

Sources: Daily Star,, Netwerk24

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