Man pinches woman's bottom in grocery store – her reaction is spectacular

By Saskia Hill
07 November 2016

She was having NONE of it.

One moment she was doing her shopping, minding her own business, the next she was being a groped by a total stranger.

But if there was a lesson to be learnt from a recent video which is currently being shared online – it’s that no bad deed goes unpunished.

In the video you can see a woman busy doing grocery shopping, when a creep in white shorts strolls past her and pinches her behind.

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The man walks off as though there is nothing wrong with groping a total stranger’s behind. The dumbfounded woman stands still for a moment… and then her anger overwhelms her.

She kicks the man from behind so hard that he loses his balance and ends up on the ground.

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His face speaks volumes: he can’t believe what just happened to him.

It’s not known in when or where the incident took place.

But as they say – every dog has his day!

Watch the video here:

Sources:, YouTube

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