Man proposes to girlfriend with a ring she had unknowingly been wearing for a whole year

By Nombulelo Manyana
16 May 2017

“She stood there with this completely confused and dumbfounded look on her face."

Imagine walking around wearing your engagement ring before your partner had even proposed!

Well, that's exactly what Australian bride-to-be Anna had been doing -- unknowingly of course!

Her beau, known only as Terry, had surprised her with a necklace which she took to wearing all the time.

Inside, he had concealed a beautfiul ring he thought Anna would love -- although he wasnt ready to pop the question just yet!

"I had always loved the idea of giving someone a gift where they didn’t know its true value," Terry told Metro UK.

Terry, started getting interested in woodwork and decided to make Anna the necklace, which he presented her with on their one-year anniversary. For twelve months after that, Anna wore the necklace almost every day with no clue that there was something special about it.

Terry told The Independent there were moments he was really worried his secret would be revealed.

“At one point, I thought she was going to trade it with a blacksmith at a market but luckily I didn't need to crash tackle her.

“My biggest moment of panic was when we went through airport security the first time. I hadn't thought about the fact that she might be asked to put it through the X-Ray, which could have very quickly turned into an airport security proposal!”

PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot

Luckily, the ring managed escape Anna's notice full year – until the day Terry decided to pop the question.

The couple travelled together to Smoo Cave in Scotland, a place that had been always been on their bucket list.

Before they went into the cave, Terry asked Anna if he could borrow the necklace to take some pictures of it next to the rocks.

He sneakily broke the seal with a knife and got down on bended knee as he revealed the ring inside.

“She stood there with this completely confused and dumbfounded look on her face, and when she finally worked out what had just happened, she yelled, ‘Yes!’ and pounced on me,” he told The Independent.

“It actually took her a couple of moments to understand that the ring had been in the necklace the entire time since I gave it to her. She flipped out - ‘Wait, it’s been in there the entire time?! I could have lost it, you f***ing idiot!’"

Sources: The Mirror. Metro UK. The Independent.

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