Man sets up online dating profile as a woman to see how they're treated – the results leave him shocked

By Samantha Luiz
16 March 2016

When British comedian Sy Thomas found himself becoming "increasingly frustrated" with online dating, he came up with a bold idea to switch things up.

"It got me thinking, what if I was a woman?" he reveals in a candid YouTube video titled 'What if?'

The single guy then decided to set up a dating profile as a woman on the popular dating app Tinder.

"Maybe I’d learn techniques from men who were trying to woo me."

To make the experiment believable, Sy used make-up and a wig to transform himself into a 28-year-old woman named Simone.

With the help of make-up, Sy transformed into Simone. PHOTO: YouTube With the help of make-up, Sy transformed into Simone. PHOTO: YouTube

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Within three days of setting up the fake profile, Sy's inbox had become inundated with over 400 messages.

"This is absolutely incredible. I'm much more popular as a woman, it turns out," he says, showing the influx of messages.

But it's only when he reads the messages that he realises the harsh reality of the world he has stumbled upon.

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While he did receive a few decent ones, most of the messages were either offensive or just plain creepy.

"Do you like Harry Potter? If so you should open up your Chamber of Secrets and let my Basilisk Slytherin," read one message.


"Do you think is natural for Beta like me to dreaming about smelling your feet?" read another.


"A lot of these opening messages you would never say to someone in a bar," Sy reflected at the end of the video.

"The best messages were the ones that were genuine, and nice. Those were the ones that hit home," he said, adding how he'll use those kind of "genuine" messages when's he doing online dating.

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