Man surprised with birthday card from father who passed away 16 years ago

By Samantha Luiz
18 May 2015

When Reddit user ChrisBenRoy turned 30-years-old, he received a special gift he will hold dear forever: a birthday car from his late father.

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Signed, ‘Love Ya, Dad’ the card was written 16 years ago, right before his father lost his battle against cancer.

'It felt like he was still there'

“After so much chemo and medication, he just couldn't take that quality of life anymore and realized it was his time to go,” explained ChrisBenRoy.

He explained to fellow Redditors that when his dad realized he was dying from cancer, he bought and signed birthday cards for his sons’ milestone days. It was his way of sending love to his children in the future, knowing he wouldn't be there to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions.

“It felt like he was still there, holding something I’d never seen before that he touched, and signed himself, it was if he had just done it yesterday.”

The Redditor’s mother held onto the cards and kept them safe.

“To have these little moments where he kind of pops back into my life again brings everything back in a rush and it's incredible. I cried, but I did because I was so incredibly happy."


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