@#$%&, man – they’re big!

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10 October 2010

Crude, brash, foul-mouthed, white trash . . . you name it, they’ve been called it. But that’s the way they like it – the zeffer the better, as far as they’re concerned. And it seems the world agrees.

Die Antwoord, South Africa’s rap-rave group, has become a global phenomenon. They recently returned from a whirlwind overseas tour where they had fans at gigs in America, Europe and Asia screaming their name. The hype surrounding the imminent release of their first CD, $O$, is reaching fever pitch.

Die Antwoord, made up of Ninja and Yo-Landi, have become SA’s coolest musical export almost overnight. They recently signed a deal with Interscope, the record company that handles Lady GagaEminemSting and Enrique Iglesias.

In Japan you can buy Ninja and Yo-Landi toys and Yo-Landi is so popular in Germany women are starting to copy her undercut/mullet-with-brutally-short-fringe hairdo.

So just what is it about this band that makes them so successful?

Perhaps the biggest puzzle is why it took these talented musicians so long to be noticed. Ninja (35), whose name is Watkin Tudor Jones (Waddy to his friends), has been trying to make a name for himself for 20 years.

The answer is probably best found in the power of the internet – or the interweb, as Ninja calls it.

An extremely revealing and significant picture of Ninja recently appeared on the website www.watkykjy.co.za. He’s recognisable from his prison-like tattoos, “pretty wise” and “how can a angel break my heart”, although his face is partially obscured. The words “WAT KYK JY?” (what are you staring at) are tattooed on his penis.

It’s no coincidence Ninja has decorated himself in this way because the vulgar Watkykjy website has been the key to the group’s success. In a series of recent interviews he has given it credit for making everything happen for them.

Ninja and Yo-Landi might still have been unknowns had it not been for the mixture of zef expertise and the shrewd viral exposure they received through the site.

It was most likely on the advice of these astute media experts that the brilliant Enter the Ninja video was so professionally produced – and a thick smokescreen was pulled over their private lives.

There is still little known about the real Ninja and Yo-landi. They deny they’re having a relationship but friends and acquaintances say they’re actually happily married.

The complete article appears in YOU, 14 October 2010.

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