Man throws away R66 million

By admin
04 December 2013

A man has accidentally thrown away R66 million of virtual money after throwing out his computer hard drive.

A man has accidentally thrown away £4 million (R66 million).

Steven-Tan on Flickr Steven-Tan on Flickr

Welshman James Howells chucked out a hard drive containing 7 500 Bitcoins ? an online virtual currency ? and a cryptographic “private key” which he required to access and spend the fortune, but it’s now lying on a landfill site.

The IT worker purchased the Bitcoins in 2009 but in 2010 he spilt a drink over his computer and decided to dismantle it.

He opted to keep some parts, including the hard drive, which he stored in a drawer but forgot about it until he cleared out his drawer earlier this year.

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