Man wakes up from coma after wife refuses to take him off life support

By Samantha Luiz
07 April 2015

Matt Davis almost died in a motorcycle accident that left in a coma back in 2010.

His wife, Danielle Josey Davis was devastated when doctors adviced her to switch off the life-support machine as Matt only had a 10% chance of recovery. Danielle refused to give up on her husband of seven months, insisting the machines be kept on.
'I'm sure glad I married her'

Then one day he woke up.

"I'm sure glad I married her," Matt Davis told ABC News, though he doesn't remember Danielle from before the 2010 crash as a result of the traumatic brain injury sustained.

Matt still has a long journey of recovery ahead of him but his condition has improved with rehab . He still doesn’t recall dating or marrying his wife, but the couple are getting to know each other again.

They play scrabble, attend yoga classes together and Matt has even gotten to the point where he is able to drive a stick shift car for fun.


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