Man with 45kg scrotum raises funds to have it removed

By Marelize Potgieter
29 August 2014

A man with a rare condition that causes his scrotum to keep growing is finally getting help.

Dan Maurer (39) of Michigan, whose scrotum weighs 45 kg, has at last found enough money to have it removed. He’s known since his late 20s his scrotum is abnormally large but doctors just told him to lose weight. But it kept growing even after he lost 20 kg.

'When he stands it almost hangs to his ankles'

"The bigger it gets it seems to me like the faster it grows," his mother, Connie Maurer, told My Fox Detroit.  "When he stands it almost hangs to his ankles."

Dan's condition, called scrotal lymphedema, is caused by blocked lymph vessels.

He found out the truth about his situation when he saw the true life drama of Wesley Warren Jnr on the television channel TLC. Warren, who suffered from the same condition with a scrotum that weighed almost 60 kg, died earlier this year.

Dan and his wife Mindy have not been intimate in seven years because of his condition. "When you say those marriage vows you either mean them or your don’t," she said "I meant them."

Dan couldn’t afford the operation but after a woman at his mom’s church heard about his plight, fundrasing started in earnest and they managed to collect $20 000 (R210 000).


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