Man with no arms uses his mouth to spoon-feed sick mom every day

By Samantha Luiz
31 August 2015

Chen Xingyin's devotion to his mother is beyond humbling.

The 48-year-old farmer, from Tongxin in China, lost both his arms after suffering an electric shock when he was just seven. Despite this, he started working on the family farm.

'I have no arms but I have good feet'

At the age of 20, Chen's father died, making life tougher for him and his ailing mother. He was motivated to change their situation after seeing her work all day without a prepared meal to come home to. So he began to teach himself to cook, plant crops and even tend to livestock. He also began looking after his 91-year-old mother full time, even feeding her with a spoon between his teeth.

Chen has also learnt to weave baskets. When someone suggested he consider begging to fend for the family, he angrily replied, “I have no arms but I have good feet. I can’t go make that sort of money.”


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