Mandoza's wife confirms heartbreaking cancer news – but insists the singer is still fighting

By Shanaaz Prince
07 September 2016

It all started with some very bad headaches, Mpho told YOU.

When we sat down with Mandoza in May this year, the singer thought he'd beaten cancer for good.

PHOTO: Martin de Kock PHOTO: Martin de Kock

In June last year he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer after enduring sever pain and bleeding from his right eye.

But two weeks ago, the Nkalakatha hitmaker and his wife, Mpho were hit with another bombshell -- the cancer is back, but now in his brain.

"About two weeks back he complained on severe headaches and problems with his eye, not the same eye as before and we decided to go see an optometrist," Mpho told YOU.

PHOTO: Martin de Kock PHOTO: Martin de Kock

"It was like history was repeating itself because it sounded very similar to the last time."

The optometrist couldn't find anything wrong, but sent him for an MRI scan.

To their horror, the test revealed that the cancer was back. It had developed into a brain tumour.

"It's a serious condition but not critical at the moment, so my husband is at home and like before, we believe that we'll make it through this again," adds Mpho.

While her husband is feeling strong and able to walk, talk, eat and write, he does have moments where he becomes a bit dazed, Mpho says.

She asked fans to keep Mandoza in their prayers.

"At some point, all of this does take its toll on you but in all honesty, I'm stronger for it. My faith in the Lord has got me through many things and it will get us through this too, He has managed to provide," says Mpho.

"We've decided to send out a press release and announce this more publicly because we've figured that the more prayers we can get the better."

Mandoza is still set to perform this Saturday and on 24 September at the Orlando Stadium in Orlando Soweto.

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