Man's cruel prank on 'nosy' girlfriend backfires horribly

By Nici De Wet
06 October 2016

Wonder if they’re still together...

Let this be a lesson to all guys – sometimes what seems like a good idea just, well, isn’t.

A man who goes by the name of Papa Crazy thought he’d teach his girlfriend a lesson after she kept checking his texts. His grand plan? He asked a mate to send him a sexy text pretending to be a girl he was having a fling with.

Posting a video of the drama on YouTube as it unfolded, he can be seen putting the phone on a bed as he lays down next to his unsuspecting girlfriend, who is watching a movie. After he pretends to fall his asleep, his phone pings.

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She reaches out and reads the message which says: “Hey baby, I want you tonight again. Lots of kisses and hugs. Can still feel your lips on mine. Mmmmwwaahh.”

Needless to say she goes crazy, screaming at him and hitting him, before getting a belt and slapping him all over.

The vid has already received loads of hits and of course, heaps of comments like this one from Snehal Jagdale, who wrote, “You just got lucky that she didn't kill you.” Quite.

The video can be seen here. Please note that it contains offensive language.

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