Man's six-year arm trauma

By admin
24 May 2013

A man waited six years for his fractured arm to heal only to break it the next day tripping over his dog.

Tim Blackburn was in disbelief when he inflicted similar damage to his arm six years after he fell off a ladder and broke it in three places. Especially since the appendage took so long to heal the first time and didn't knit back together initially, later becoming infected.

He said, "The dog thought I was taking him out and pushed past me. He knocked away my leading leg.

"I knew straight away what had happened. It snapped like a twig and it was excruciating ? I couldn't believe I'd done it again."

His pooch, Jackson, is now in the dog house after the incident and Tim is awaiting a new round of hospital treatment.

-Bang Showbiz

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