Mariah Carey keeps fans guessing with new track

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29 April 2015

Mariah Carey doesn't see the point of people "dissecting" her songs, as no one will ever know who they were written about.

The singer's latest track Infinity has sparked rumours that it's about her estranged husband Nick Cannon, who she split from last summer after tying the knot in 2008.

With lyrics such as 'Why you mad/Talkin' 'bout you're mad/Could it be that you just lost the best you've ever had?', Mariah insists it isn't about one particular individual.

'Who did she write this for'

"We could take [all my songs] and dissect them and say, 'Who did she write this for?' And, 'What was that about?' But really, there's no way to say who or what was written about," she explained to ET. "I also collaborated with different people, so there's all different input and things that happen in the songwriting process. And that's the great thing about writing a song - you can express yourself, and you can express a little bit of everybody's emotions."

She is aware that fans will interpret the words in their own way though and is happy to leave things "open" for speculation.

But she did share what the track means to her.

"Personally, this song is about loving yourself," the blonde star added. "You have to love yourself first... If you don't love yourself, and you're not in a good place with you, than how can you love or do anything else to the fullest?"

The song is from her forthcoming greatest hits record, #1 to Infinity, which is slated for release next month.

She's also keeping busy preparing for her Las Vegas stint, headlining at Caesars Palace's The Colosseum.

"It's Vegas! We had to go really full-throttle," she grinned. "I've never done anything like this before, so it's exciting. Doing all the No. 1 singles, that's something that can attract not only my core fans, but people that just know the No. 1 songs. Some of these songs I've never done live before."

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