Mariah Carey needed 'extra help' raising twins

Mariah Carey couldn't have coped with her twins "without extra help". The singing sensation insisted she doesn't want to miss a moment of her daughter Monroe and son Moroccan, both three, growing up, but admitted she was glad to have people to support her.

‘I don't know how people do it - I was breastfeeding in tandem’

She told the Sunday Mirror newspaper's Notebook magazine: "Every little bit of a child's life counts, every memory, every moment. I can never have this time back. But it's a luxury to be able to have someone there. I don't know how people do it - I was breastfeeding in tandem."

"I did everything I could, but I couldn't have done this without extra help. I'm grateful. I have two people who help a lot."

Meanwhile, Mariah revealed she doesn't live out her diva image at home, but joked her daughter outshines her in that regard.

She added "I'm always in sweatpants. But I may wear a high-heeled pump with them ... A slipper with a puff."

"I have so much fun with Miss Monroe, as I call my daughter, and she is - even though we don't like to use this word - a natural-born diva, darling. She walks in my heels, she's in my lingerie closet. She has me beat by a mile."

-Bang Showbiz