Mark Haze’s toddler son recovering after health scare

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19 December 2013

It has been a rough few days for 2011 Idols-runner up Mark Haze and his family. His four-month-old son, Zachary, was rushed to hospital on Sunday, 15 December.

“I had come back from a show the night before,” the concerned dad says. “Myself and my wife (Shelley) awoke to Zac screaming. This was not like his usual cry – we could see that he was in pain as he was twisting and straightening out his little body. This was followed by several bouts of diarrhea and blood in his nappy.” The singer then called a pediatrician, who instructed them to bring Zachary straight to the emergency room at a nearby mediclinic. “Zac then started vomiting and became very pale and weak, as he was extremely dehydrated. After some X-Rays and an ultrasound on his stomach, they diagnosed a bowel intussusception.” A bowel intussusception occurs when a part of the bowel becomes inflamed due to some form of infection, either viral or bacterial. “What then happens is when the bowel contracts, a section folds underneath another like a telescope and gets stuck,” Mark explains. “Doctors can use gas to push it back, should this not work, then they need to cut the stomach open and operate.” 

Luckily, in Zac's case, they were able to help him without having to operate. “It's extremely hard to see your four-month-old, who is completely defenseless and doesn't understand why he feels pain, have to go through all of this.

“He was in ICU and it put him to sleep. I remember he did smile after a little bit of freestyle rap about his heart monitor cables.

“He was very interested in all the flashing lights on the life support monitors and drip machines. One of us was always with him, so that he never had to look far to be comforted.”

They’re glad Zac is at home and recovering. “One in 10 children don't survive this,” Mark says. “We are very blessed to have him back. He is back to his usual happy smiley self.”

His advice for parents who might have to take their children to hospital: “Make sure you trust the people at the hospital. These situations are extremely tough on you as a parent, both physically and emotionally. Staying calm and collected while reacting quickly can be the difference between saving your child or the alternative.

He also thanked his fans for their support on Facebook and Twitter. “Your prayers and support were a great comfort. We are so grateful.”

- Loren Pienaar

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