Mark Pilgrim in hospital

By admin
10 April 2014

Radio and TV personality Mark Pilgrim underwent an operation for abdominal abscess.

Radio and TV personality Mark Pilgrim is undergoing an operation for abdominal abscess that he tweeted was caused by one “ingrown” hair strand. He shared the news of his operation on Twitter.  

“Ever had an ingrown hair living underneath a scar? The result so far... R1000 in doctors bills as I gulp down antibiotics so large you would swear they should be suppositories,” Mark wrote in his blog. He explained that he couldn’t walk properly because of the infection on his waistline and that every time he bended over it was “like a hot dagger piercing” his abdomen.

According to Mark the operation will remove the strand of hair in his abdomen. “Goodbye world as I go for a chemically induced snooze for a couple of minutes. One last thing before I go. Is this hospital gown supposed to have the opening in the front or back?"

Mark is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer at the age of 18. After numerous chemotherapy sessions, he was declared to be in remission.

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